Russo brothers weaving Magic on Netflix

The duo Russo brothers need no lengthy introduction. After directing the movie which has grossed the second highest dollar amount in the world, they are now bringing one of the biggest card games to life. Netflix has announced that Joe and Anthony Russo will spearhead a new animated series- the Planeswalkers, as a part of the new partnership between Hasbro’s Allspark Studios and Netflix. The Planeswalkers are legendary spell casting heroes that travel through the Magic multiverse summoning grand creatures and elementary powers in their battle wake. The World of Magic: The Gathering has grown beyond the realms of card games and has been expressed through books, comics, online short series and novels throughout the years. The widespread popularity gives the Russo Brothers a chance to experiment with several theories and storylines.

According to sources, Henry Gilroy, the script writer of Star Wars Rebels and The Clone wars along with The Tick’s Jose Molina will be penning down the script. Octopie’s Mike Larocca and Isaac Krauss have been roped in as executive producers and Yoriaki Mochizauki will be overseeing animation. Spearheading the Marvel studios with Captain America sequels, It will be quite interesting how the team led by Anthony and Joe Russo tap into the Magic world.

Apart from the basic storylines, very less is known about the characters that will be adopted as the mainstream ones. The teaser art highlights a fiery spellslinger, Chandra Nalaar from the plane of Kaladesh, who is one of Magic’s most recognisable heroes. Crafting a storyline with her as the pillar won’t be unexpected; however there are more heroes who can be brought into the frame. Netflix is keeping the entire production under wraps, and for now we just need patience to see Magic unfold.

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