Queen of Bollywood- Kangana Ranaut took hormone tablets for her look in her next film Thalavi.

Many praised her and poured lots of love. Kangana is one of the actresses who has been praised by many and proved her acting skills. She is among those who is ready to walk extra mile to get everything perfect and appreciable. 

Actress has done a lot of hard work to get into the character which she will be playing. The actress has done really a hard work for transformation and get into the character perfectly. She gained weight six kilos especially the belly and thighs to look like Jayalalitha. She was tall and skinny and it was really tough to gain weight so fast so she took mild dosage of hormone pills and start eating goods to gain weight.


She also took help of Jason Collins who has done prosthetics to make face of Kangana look fuller. Also different kind of pads were used in body to complete the look. 

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