Kedarnath Will Have You Glued to the Screen

The much awaited movie Kedarnath had its teaser released on October 30. The Sushant Singh Rajput starrer movie, marks the debut of Saif Ali Khan’s daughter Sara.

The teaser reveals Sushant, who plays a Muslim pithu (one who carries pilgrims on their back) named Mansoor, is Mukku's constant companion on the pilgrimage, during the course of which the two weave a beautiful tale of love. As the teaser progresses and as nature appears to play the role of the antagonist in the film, Mansoor and Mukku's bond grows stronger.

The teaser will surely make you forget to blink throughout the length. Well you won’t even realise the absence of dialogues till its end.

There you go, watch the teaser of Kedarnath here:

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