Kamali at the BAFTA awards

A single mother who is passionate about her daughter’s dreams and defies all odds to raise her daughter and fulfil her dream of becoming a skateboarding champion. It is the story Kamali Moorthy, which has been made into a documentary titled, ‘Kamali’ by a London-based director from New Zealand, Sasha Rainbow. The documentary of this 10-year-old girl has made it to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). The documentary is 24-minute long and it narrates the life story of Kamali. Her mother is a fish seller going against all odds to raise Kamali. Rainbow first discovered Kamali when she saw a picture of her shared by a professional skater Tony Hawk. The picture was taken by Jamie Thomas, a skater, surfboarder and also a noted photographer. Jamie took the picture of Kamali on his trip to Mahabalipuram. Earlier there were reports of Kamali being qualified for the 2020 Oscar awards short-list. Kamali’s mother Suganthi says,“As long as you stand steady on your legs, success will come and find you.”She is the first girl in the village to take up this sport and initially because of that her family faced a lot of flak from the villagers. After seeing the recognition brought to her by this very sport, there has been a change in the thought processes of the villagers. At the BAFTA awards, Kamali would be competing against ‘Learning to Skateboard in A Warzone (If You're A Girl), which is a story of Afghan girls learning to read, write and skateboard in Kabul. The British Academy Film Awards 2020 ceremony will be held on February 2nd.

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