Humanity Enhances Eminence

In a saddening world, where violence in forms of terrorism and wars have been idolized, humanity has often been overrated to public eye comparing to the atrocities savoured on all life forms and nature over decades if not century. When humanity seems to have taken a backstep, some generous activities by some people never ceases to bring the light of hope among dark, troubled times.

This however became the scenario when Hollywood star Keanu Reeves was spotted donating to children’s hospital, shying away from the limelight and media attention, as much as possible. Keanu Reeves who is known in the Hollywood Film Industry for his contributions in movies like, The Matrix Series, Sweet November, John Wick and Speed which were appreciated by the audiences and critics alike. His life hasn’t been without hardships, as at age of 3 his father ended relation with him, his mother and sister. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia, which made it all the more difficult for him to continue in a single school. His troubles walked with him in his adulthood when at the age 23, after his graduation, he lost his friend to drug overdose. In the late 1999, Reeves’ long-time girlfriend Ava Archer Syme-Reeves gave birth to a stillborn, which eventually had an adverse effect on their relationship, as they parted ways after few weeks. While getting prepared for The Matrix franchise, her girlfriend already suffering from depression met with an accident. However, Reeves found a way to manage hope and give away hope to those who are in dire need of it. His sister also was diagnosed with Leukaemia soon after, and only after a battle of millions she was given her life back.

Keanu Reeves has been known for his generous contributions in several organisations, hospitals, though he tries to do so without the attention but his legacy never leaves behind, as the internet has many such videos and pictures to offer captured by fans. He leads a very common and normal life, shedding his stardom very often, as fans sometimes see him using subway, or eating at a local restaurant. Apart from a simple lifestyle, he also has been part of many organisations fighting against cancer like Stand Up to Cancer organization and has shown support to PETA and SickKids organization. Keanu Reeves has been an inspiration to the millennials asking to be a little more kinder and offer love and respect to one another so we could grow together in harmony as a society and to help give hope at times of need.

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