‘Avenger: Endgame’ to have the Last Cameo of Stan Lee

As the release date of Avengers: Endgame inches closer, the loss of Stan Lee is still afresh among Marvel fans, reader, audiences, and members of the MCU. The late writer, editor, publisher and producer was an integral part of Marvel comics in the 50’s and later became a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe appearing in short cameos in every movie and several TV shows.

Stan Lee was the writer behind the superheroes that the world has come to adore so much. He has been the co-initiator of superheroes like, ‘Spider Man’, ‘Iron Man’, ‘Thor’, ‘Hulk’, X-Men and ‘Fantastic Four’. Spider Man was the most popular among all and well appreciated by reader, critics and later by audiences in MCU films. Stan Lee was able to create character that were not just superheroes, but the background story and different shades of flawed humanity among them made them relatable and attracted readers. He made his first cameo, back in 1989, in TV movie, titled as ‘The Trial of the Incredible Hulk’ and after that he went on to do more cameos, even in X-men and Fantastic Four. After Captain Marvel, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ will have the last cameo of Stan Lee due to his heartbreaking demise in November last year.

In ‘Captain Marvel’ he was honoured by replacing the opening Marvel logo with shots from all his cameos from the films. The fourth and last Avengers movie, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is set to release on 26th April, 2019.

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